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January 2014

Aries: Nine of Cups
What a great start for a new year! The Universe seems to take a special liking to you by granting your wishes. Projects finish just as planned, difficult people are suddenly receptive to your ideas, you finally find that missing piece to a puzzling problem, etc. You’re feeling on top of the world and emotionally satisfied. You could try spreading the cheer by throwing a post New Year’s party or two. You are at the peak of your hosting skills and everyone is sure to have a great time (which is what you wish for when throwing a party, right?).

Taurus: The Chariot Reversed
Grumpy much? The start of the year may find you feeling rather irritable and lashing out at others for no apparent reason that they can see. You could be reacting like a bull in a china shop causing a lot of damage if things don’t go your way. When you feel that anger bubbling to the surface, take a deep breath before bellowing and ask yourself if that response is proactive in any way. The Chariot reversed can be an indication of transportation problems. Get your vehicle serviced before hitting the road, double check flight times, and leave earlier than initially planned.

Gemini: 7 of Wands
Watch out, Gemini! With all your varied interests, you may end up overextending yourself and wind up with more projects than you are able to complete in the time allotted. Demands for your time could start to feel like personal attacks. Take a close logical look at your calendar before saying “yes,” get your priorities in order, and commit to only those things that are really meaningful to you and spark a sense of passion. It’s unlikely folks will take “No” for an answer so, you may have to justify your decision just to shut them up. Then stick by it because they’ll probably come back later to try to change your mind.

Cancer: 8 of Cups Reversed
Cancer folk do love their families and home life. Over the holidays, it’s likely you stayed close to the homestead, venturing out only when necessary. This month could find you feeling a bit bored with a hint of cabin-fever and a desire to escape. Breaking away from routine isn’t the same as abandoning obligations. Add a little spark by doing something you’ve never done or going some place you’ve never visited. Do both! Think of it as expanding your horizons with a mini-vacation (even if it’s just for a day) or an adventure.

Leo: 4 of Swords
The magnetic and active Leo needs some quiet time… alone. You do love being in the limelight so your initial reaction to some solitary downtime is most likely along the lines of “Are you frigging kidding me??” Nope. Although it takes a lot of doing, you can suffer from burn-out. Are you getting your feelings hurt over little stuff? Losing your patience and feeling anxious? Overly jealous? Leo burn-out symptoms. Meditation could work wonders. If you find it impossible to sit still for more than five minutes, look into yoga or Tai Chi. Bottom line - slow down (way down) and take a breath. A lot of them.

Virgo: The High Priestess
I like to think of the High Priestess as a kind of cosmic librarian. With that in mind, the fine details you are seeking (and you are a stickler for those fine details) could actually be found in your local library. With your practical approach and analytical mind, you tend to disregard ideas that pop into your head that don’t seem to make any sense. The High Priestess encourages you to take special consideration of those “thoughts” - that’s actually your intuition. No, it’s not your imagination toying with you. There is substance and value in what appears to be your mind just rambling.

Libra: Strength
Dear, sweet Libra with your love of harmony. You have a tendency to change your mind to avoid tension and unpleasant encounters if a decision you’ve made makes someone you care about unhappy. Strength encourages you to stick to your guns on certain matters and not give in to an overly accommodating nature. This can be especially challenging for you as, holy cow, do you hate confrontation. Turn on that Libran charm and kill ’em with kindness…with tact, of course.

Scorpio: 8 of Pentacles
A great way to begin the New Year is by learning something new. With your steadfast determination and fierce intensity, you should have little trouble dedicating time for practicing a newly learned skill. With your competitive nature, sports like kick boxing or Karate could be just the ticket. For more solo-minded Scorpions, weightlifting or running can have you competing with yourself. For the more strategic, try chess or poker (these should really appeal to your strike-them-when-they-least-expect-it nature).

Sagittarius: 10 of Swords
Ouch. Being adventurous is one thing. Careless abandon lands you flat on your face. You may have taken something or someone for granted and when that something or someone slipped away into the horizon, you ended up feeling sucker punched. If this has happened, accept your role in that departure and learn from it. If everything is hunky-dory (at the moment), consider the 10 of Swords as a wake-up call to behavior that can be devastating.

Capricorn: Page of Cups
Oh, you pragmatic Cappys! Unless it’s someone you’ve allowed to glimpse the inner you, most folks have no idea what a vivid and creative imagination you actually possess. Surprise them by revealing a creative project you’ve been working on or open up about the great ideas you have for someone’s interior decorating project (after all, you have exquisite taste). On the other hand, if you’ve been in an all-work-no-play mode for awhile, the Page of Cups is advising you to drop the seriousness for a bit and go play. There could be an unexpected romance in it for you.

Aquarius: Judgement
Something calls to you. Loudly. Heed the call! Pay attention to all those coincidences that seem to be happening on quite a regular basis, lately. These are actually synchronistic events vying for your attention and providing clues as to what can make your spirit soar. This is your wake-up call for a spiritual transformation that not only benefits you, but to those around you. And you do want to make the world a better place, right?

Pisces: Queen of Swords
Overly-sensitive Pisces tend to succumb to low self-confidence and can allow others to impose on their will. The Queen of Swords tells you to cut the crap and cut out those people and situations that put you in uncomfortable compromising positions. You have every right to say “No.” You may have to choose harsh words to get your point across - this is no time to be wishy-washy. If that certain someone acts hurt or offended, it’s mostly just an act. They’ll get over it and move on to the next target they hope to manipulate.

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